The Bachelor Edit

Season Bachelor Winner Runner(s)-Up Proposal
1 John Whelchel Krista Andrews Emily Perez Yes
2 Dustin Sellers Erika Turley Juli Latimer Yes
3 Damon Simmons Erin Pfeiffer Brittany McBride Yes
4 John Lloyd Jaclyn Drennan Cassie Crowley Yes
5 Alejandro Cruz Monique Ramirez Autumn Sullivan Yes
6 Andrew Adams Kathy Hatfield Nicole Curtis Yes
7 Xavier Briones Jacquie Doyle Audrey Golden Yes
8 Dorsey Daniels Bethany Connolly Nichelle Millican Yes
9 Aaron East Sindy McBride Melissa Tengen Yes

The Bachelorette Edit

Season Bachelorette Winner Runner(s)-Up Proposal
1 Emily Perez Nick Miller Dustin Sellers Yes
2 Juli Latimer Tim Johnson Damon Simmons Yes
3 Brittany McBride Lance Hawkins John Lloyd Yes
4 Cassie Crowley Jason Turner Alejandro Cruz Yes
5 Autumn Sullivan Jacob Malone Andrew Adams Yes
6 Nicole Curtis Ryan Garrett Xavier Briones Yes
7 Audrey Golden Chris Rudolph Lane James Yes
8 Sarah Oakley Josh McKinney Daniel Miller Yes
9 Melissa Tengen Bray Delong Shawn Anderson TBA

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