Team Adam Advisor- Nick Jonas

Team Miley Advisor- Sammy Hagar

Team Jennifer Advisor- Rudimental

Team Blake Advisor- Carrie Underwood


Team Jennifer

Winner: Ashland Craft


Loser: Dennis Drummond: stolen by Adam

Team Adam

Winner: Ilianna Viramontes

Cry Me a River

Loser: Kathrina Reign

Team Miley

Winner: Natalie Stovall

Hit or Miss

Loser: Anthony Alexander: stolen by Jennifer and Blake: chose Jennifer

Team Blake

Winner: Ryan Scripps

Feel Like Makin' Love

Loser: Davon Fleming

Team Adam

Winner: Michael Kight

Man in the Mirror

Loser: Adam Pearce

Team Jennifer

Winner: Brandon Brown


Loser: Dylan Gerard: stolen by Adam and Miley: chose Miley

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