The Voice

Season 4

Broadcast from: February 24, 2014 - May 20, 2014
Judges Adam Levine
Blake Shelton
Host Carson Daly
Broadcaster NBC
Vaughn Lehoux
Origin Louisville, KY
Song "Isn't She Lovely"
Genre Neo-soul, classic soul, R&B
Runner Up
Ian Paul
Previous Season 2013 (Fall)
Next Season 2014 (Fall)

The sixth season of The Voice, an American reality talent competition, premiered on February 24, 2014 on NBC.

On May 20, 2014, Vaughn Lehoux of Team Adam was announced as the winner of The Voice, with Ian Paul of Team Usher as the runner up, and Kelli Mann of Team Usher in third place.


The coaches for this season are Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher, and Blake Shelton.

The advisors for the Battle rounds were Joel Madden for Team Adam, Jewel for Team Shakira, Lionel Richie for Team Usher, and Reba McEntire for Team Blake.


Color key

     Third place
     Eliminated in the Live shows
     Eliminated in the Live playoffs
     Artist was stolen by another coach at the Knockout rounds
     Eliminated in the Knockout rounds
     Artist was stolen by another coach at the Battle rounds
     Eliminated in the Battle rounds

Coach Adam Levine Shakira
Artists Vaughn Lehoux Adriana Nicosia Denver Reynolds Lee Knox Amanda Madrid Damien Croley
Elena Baeza Geoffrey Henderson Ian Paul Kendrick Ricketts Lee Mitchell Adriana Nicosia
Lee Knox Liane Ellison Kate Roney Brandon Cash Kaitlyn Cofield Jon Crenshaw
Christen Cardona Connor Ritchie Kelli Mann Lee Knox Octavio Peter Gardner
Wendy Sexton Davy Robinson Vivian Williams Philip Haynes Nathan Spencer Mike Trent
Coach Usher Blake Shelton
Artists Ian Paul Kelli Mann Matty Montgomery Brian George Connor Ritchie Becky Blackwell
Brandy Arnold Darrell Walko Blake Bracy Blake Bracy Candice McCurry Charlotte Jackson
Deanna Watkins Alexa Jasper Pearl Thompson Santiago Eberhart Ashley Acuna Christen Cardona
Adriana Nicosia Ian Paul Laurel Matthews Blake Bracy Kaitlyn Cofield Jan Valentine
Greg Konrad Dustin Hansen Abigail Devlin Ken Trumbull Brett Barker Cady Kinder

Results summary of live shows

Color key
Artist's info

     Artist from Team Adam
     Artist from Team Shakira
     Artist from Team Usher
     Artist from Team Blake

Result details

     Third place
     Saved by coach
     Saved by Instant Save (via Twitter)
     Artist advanced by public vote
     Artist was eliminated

Live show results per week
Artist Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Finals

Vaughn Lehoux

Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Winner

Ian Paul

Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Runner-up

Kelli Mann

Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Third place

Adriana Nicosia

Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Eliminated Eliminated (Week 6)

Lee Knox

Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Eliminated

Denver Reynolds

Safe Safe Safe Safe Eliminated Eliminated (Week 5)

Amanda Madrid

Safe Safe Safe Eliminated Eliminated (Week 4)

Brian George

Safe Safe Safe Eliminated

Connor Ritchie

Safe Safe Eliminated Eliminated (Week 3)

Damien Croley

Safe Safe Eliminated

Becky Blackwell

Safe Eliminated Eliminated (Week 2)

Matty Montgomery

Safe Eliminated

Blake Bracy

Eliminated Eliminated (Week 1)

Brandy Arnold


Candice McCurry


Darrell Walko


Elena Baeza


Geoffrey Henderson


Kendrick Ricketts


Lee Mitchell


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