The Voice of America

Season 6

Broadcast from: February 5, 2020 to present
Judges Ryan Tedder
Justin Timberlake
Host Ryan Seacrest
Broadcaster NBC
Runner Up
Previous Season Season 5
Next Season Season 7

The sixth season of The Voice of America premiered on February 5, 2020, beginning with the first round of auditions in each of the 5 regions.

Judges and hosts Edit

Ryan Tedder, Madonna, and Justin Timberlake were inaugurated as judges for the show. Ryan Seacrest is the host.

Audition process Edit

The cities of New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, and Denver are where the auditions will take place. They are called Regionals. People within their specified regional will head to one of these 5 cities and sing through three rounds.

The first round begins with Room Auditions. For these, you will sing along with nine other strangers in order to impress two producers who will send through to the second round the singers with the best talent. This will continue until each region has 50 artists filled.

The second round entails the 50 that advanced singing one song in front of a panel of three celebrity judges, and then they will vote for whether or not you deserve to move on to Round 3 of the Regional Auditions. Singers with at least two votes from the celebrity judges will get the opportunity to advance on to Round 3. There is no cap to the amount of people that can get voted through to the Third Round.

The third and final round has singers going up in front of an audience of 10,000 people. The celebrity judges are also there, and will be making the final decision. 

After the third round, the three judges will discuss in private who should be in the Top 12 of the Region.  

Top 60 Artists Edit

Color key

     Eliminated in the National rounds
     Eliminated in the Regional rounds

Region Top 60 artists
New York
Los Angeles